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Can you kiss when having braces?


“Can you kiss when having braces?” Probably the question of many of you. The answer is possible; the act of kissing when braces can completely take place depends on the ingenuity of the two people and a few other influencing factors such as braces method, time… Let’s find out more in the article below.

Can you kiss when having braces?

Probably the question many of you have.

Many people think kissing when braces will more or less affect the results and the process of braces, the movement of teeth. However, experts say that cases of kissing that affects braces are very rare.

Currently, many braces are applied to orthodontic treatment, and besides the braces methods, there are also many supporting tools. Whether or not it also partly depends on the way you are using the option. With the technique of removable braces, also known as Invisalign braces, it becomes pretty simple for you to kiss while bracing. You need to remove the aligners and perform your kiss. You need to remove the aligners and perform your kiss. For braces with metal brackets or ceramic braces, when kissing, you need to be gentler and more careful because excess archwires or brackets can also cause soft tissues of the lips and mouth to be scratched at the same time. Gentle kissing will also help stabilize the brackets.

When kissing, you need to control your emotional level a bit because if you kiss deeply and passionately, it will be easier for your teeth to move than the braces process is under the impact of tightening and moving teeth and force from the teeth. The opponent will feel pain and soreness after kissing with wearable support braces.

Six tips to help you have a romantic kiss when wearing braces

The brackets fixed on the teeth make many people afraid of aesthetics, and at the same time, a question arises “Can braces kiss?”. The answer is that braces do not affect your kissing and daily activities. Here are tips to help you achieve a safe, romantic kiss while wearing braces:

  1. Right time

To get a sweet kiss while wearing braces, you must choose the right time to kiss. Avoid kissing in the first days of braces, when you are clenching your teeth, pulling, or in the early days of braces.

  1. Choose the correct type of kiss

In bracing, the teeth will have a lot of impacts, so more or fewer teeth are suffering and will be weaker than usual. You need to choose the right type of kiss to avoid too much influence, and if you kiss too profoundly, it will affect you. Soft tissue and brackets make both of them uncomfortable.

  1. The right way

When kissing, both need to be slow and gentle and avoid hitting the brackets hard because if the kiss is too strong, it will affect the appliance and may cause the teeth to be misaligned or hurt because the teeth in Braces tend to be less sensitive than regular teeth.

  1. Comfortable psychology

When kissing, don’t overthink how not to hurt, scratch… don’t let those confused thoughts affect the kiss, making it awkward and unnatural. Keep your mind at ease and, if necessary, talk to your partner in advance so that you can understand each other better.

  1. Use dental wax and lip balm

Dental wax and lip balm are the saviors of a comfortable and sweet kiss. Lip balm will help soften lips, while dental wax applied to brackets will help us protect our tongue and lips from damage.

  1. Thorough oral hygiene

Don’t forget to clean your teeth thoroughly and cleanly before performing the kiss. When braces, the food will stick a lot to the brackets. You should use a thread, interstitial brush, and water flosser to clean. The cleanest and best possible birth, while maintaining dental hygiene, does not cause dental diseases and is comfortable when kissing.


The solution to helping you kiss comfortably with braces

To make the kiss simpler and help both of you feel more comfortable kissing during braces, you can apply the following 02 ways. We are sure you will feel much more comfortable, and your emotions will also become tighter.

Use supporting products

Use mouthwash to start a sweet kiss; make sure your breath is the freshest to avoid awkwardness during the kiss. You can use mouthwash products to help you and your partner feel confident and comfortable from start to finish.

Choose Invisalign clear braces.

When you use the Invisalign braces method, removable braces are the most optimal solution for kissing while wearing braces, and you will no longer need to worry about how to speak, how to kiss, and not need to be too slow. Light by the tray with removable properties is quite convenient. When kissing, you need to take it off, and when you’re done with the kiss, you can put it back on without consulting a doctor. Kissing with transparent braces will not cause discomforts like metal or ceramic braces.

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