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Is Dental Implant Dangerous? 

Dental Implant

Dental implant service is relatively tricky, requiring doctors to have high qualifications with modern machinery and technology. Therefore, many customers still wonder if the implant procedure is dangerous. We will explain it to you in detail in the article.

Is a dental Implant dangerous for health?

Dental Implant is a rather complicated dental service process. In essence, a dental implant is the implantation of a titanium tooth post into the position of a lost tooth. A porcelain crown is wrapped to the outside to restore the tooth.

The Implant is one of the dental services with the highest level of safety today if you can find a dental address. Although it is a complex service, it brings excellent aesthetic value to the teeth. This dental method is especially suitable for situations where single teeth are lost, alternate teeth are lost, or even complete teeth are lost. Why we dare to say this service is safe:

  • Dentists will not need to grind teeth like porcelain bridges for this technique. 
  • Dental posts made of titanium have been tested for safety and do not cause any harmful complications to the body or the gum area.
  • When plugged in, the titanium post will not cause any harm, and even if you know how to take good care of it, this post will have a permanent use value.
  • According to average statistics, the success probability of an implant is up to more than 95%.
  • Dental implants also help limit the bone loss when teeth are lost.

However, before inserting the Implant into the jawbone, the doctors will need to create an impact and separate the jawbone in the alveolar area, so you will feel pain when doing it.

There is a piece of advice: if you lose your teeth early, you should proceed with a dental implant. Because the alveolar bone is still empty and the gums are not closed, it will be less painful when done. However, you don’t worry too much because the doctors will administer anesthesia or anesthesia when inserting the abutment. Pain will appear from 1 to 2 hours after successful implantation, at which time the doctor will give you pain relievers to ease.

Dental Implant

Do dental implants cause any complications?

Along with the question of whether dental implants are dangerous, many people also have questions about the complications caused by the service. But you can rest assured because dental implants will have positive effects in the long run.

Because if you are afraid of complications but do not have a replacement, the missing teeth, in the long run, will cause the jawbone to disappear, causing the facial skin to be sunken and disproportionate. But when implanted, the dental post will replace the role of a tooth root, helping the jaw bone to attach and grow around.

Dental implants increase the jawbone’s solid structure by preserving and stimulating the natural growth of the jawbone around the Implant. Moreover, the dental abutment also supports the bridge above, transmitting chewing force to the bottom of the jaw. Since then, the state of jaw bone reduction is no longer there.

However, when inserting the Implant post, it takes time to adapt. There may be some swelling during this time, but this is a typical sign, not a nasty complication.

What to pay attention to during dental Implant?

The Implant is a complex dental service, so there are a few notes that you should remember to make the process more successful, which are:

  • The Titan abutment stage would focus a lot on the implementation process if you chose a reputable implementation facility, a team of experienced doctors, advanced technology, a clear source of dental materials of origin, etc. If there is a mistake in these steps, likely, that the post will not be compatible with the gums.
  • The implant procedure or unreasonable care will cause unpredictable risks due to the invasion of bacteria, affecting the surrounding tissues, causing infection of the tooth area, and more severe illness of the whole body.
  • Cases of contraindications to Korean dental implants that you must remember are: Having dental caries or periodontitis that have not been treated, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and frequent smokers need to quit. New drugs can increase transplant success rates.
  • Immediately after the Implant is placed and still has the anesthetic effect, you are not allowed to eat, drink, or use any food.
  • Depending on each person’s location, it will take a certain amount of time for the wound to heal completely. Occasionally there will be pain that comes suddenly, but you should not use the drug without a doctor’s prescription, especially avoid antibiotics with Aspirin.
  • Dental Implant, abstain from touching the implant area and avoid vigorous activity within the first two days after insertion.
  • You need to abstain from foods that are too hard, hot, or cold, and foods with debris because they easily fall into the unhealed wound area and cause infection.

Above, we have answered your question about when implanting teeth is dangerous. Because it is a complex service, you should be careful in finding a quality facility to perform, avoiding the situation of “losing money.”

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