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Things you need to know to wear retainer after braces


A retainer is an orthodontic tool to stabilize teeth after removing aligners or brackets. This type of jaw has more advantages than metal or removable porcelain retainers.

First, because it is attached to the inner surface of the lower jaw, the fixed retainer provides a very high aesthetic value. Customers do not have to worry about being exposed or afraid that the brackets will damage the soft tissue inside. In terms of time, dentists recommend wearing from 6 months to a fixed retainer from 1 to less than three months. It can be from 2 to less than five months if it is a retainer.

A retainer is a type of appliance that, when worn, must follow your doctor’s instructions. Here are important notes you should refer to when wearing braces after braces.

About dental hygiene

When wearing retainers, you need to pay attention to oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene helps you prevent the risk of dental diseases. It would help if you used a toothbrush specifically designed for people with braces. Then, you use more mouthwash, water floss, and floss to thoroughly remove food particles and bacteria from your teeth.

Follow-up check-up according to the doctor’s appointment

During the entire process of wearing retainers, you still need to have the dentist’s supervision to ensure the best orthodontic effect. Therefore, you need to visit the doctor for scheduled follow-up visits. The follow-up examination will help the doctor check and accurately determine the condition of your teeth.

Fix bad habits

Habits such as biting, chewing on complex objects, grinding teeth, sleeping with your mouth open, etc., are all bad habits that affect oral health. These habits can reduce the effectiveness of the retainer, causing the retainer to burst or become damaged, so you need to get rid of those habits.

Care of the retainer

Cleaning the retainer also needs to be as careful as cleaning the main braces. It would help if you cleaned the retainer daily to prevent the jaw from getting dirty with food debris, creating an environment for bacteria to attack.

How to clean as follows: Wash the retainer with cold water, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fine fiber to clean all dirt, and food debris in the retainer.


Frequently asked questions about using retainers after braces

There are many questions surrounding wearing retainers because this is an essential step in maintaining the effectiveness of braces. Parkway Dental will help you answer the most common questions about retainers after braces through the following articles:

How long should retainers be worn?

Regular retainers don’t last as long as braces, Specifically:

For cases of healthy teeth, gums, and jawbones, people with braces only need to wear the retainer for 1-3 months.

Using a retainer for about six months is necessary if teeth, gums, and bones take a long time to recover.

In exceptional cases, jawbone and teeth are too weak, and they will need to wear retainers for longer than in the two cases mentioned above. Sometimes, the doctor requires a lifetime retainer to keep the teeth even and beautiful. For these cases, the doctor will often suggest that the patient choose a transparent plastic tray removable jaw to ensure aesthetics.

Is it mandatory to wear retainers after braces are removed?

The retainer is usually required after the braces are removed. Because the retainer has the role of helping the gums, bones, and teeth to adapt to the absence of braces to support standing in the correct position, the teeth that have been moved to the new position will be less likely to be displaced. The braced person will have a beautiful, long-lasting set of teeth, unaffected by chewing activities.

Do you need to abstain from wearing retainers?

Eating while wearing the retainer also needs attention. At this time, the teeth are still sensitive, so you must avoid hard, hot, cold, sugary, or acidic foods to ensure the durability of the braces operation.

In addition, you need to clean your teeth and maintain dental hygiene at least two times a day to protect your oral health.

Is wearing a retainer painful?

If braces make you feel pain and discomfort for the first time when wearing braces, the retainer jaw will be the opposite, and you will not feel uncomfortable at all. The reason is that you have had a good time getting used to the appearance of orthodontic appliances in the mouth. Therefore, when wearing retainers like orthodontic appliances, you will no longer feel discomfort in daily chewing.

In which case, you must wear a retainer for life?

Usually, after removing braces, the patient only needs to wear the retainer for a while and then remove it. However, for some “special” cases, wearing a retainer for life may be necessary. So whether you are in the above case depends on the results after a thorough examination and scan. If your teeth are too weak and unable to stabilize in the new position after orthodontic treatment, the doctor will have to appoint you always to wear retainers to protect the jaw structure.

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