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Top 5 Indispensable dental care tools at home

dental care tool

We clean and care for our teeth regularly every day with the goal of strong, white teeth without tartar bacteria. If you are lazy or do not do it properly, it will make your teeth prone to decay and gingivitis… affecting your quality of daily life. Prepare indispensable dental care tools. What are dental care tools needed at home? What is the most scientific order to ensure that your teeth are always clean?

Indispensable dental care tools at home

To have a highly effective oral hygiene, we cannot lack one of the following essential dental care tools:

1. Toothbrush
The toothbrush is one of the indispensable dental care tools. You can choose between a manual or an electric toothbrush. For children in the family, you should consider buying an electric toothbrush for your baby because many children who do not know how to use it will accidentally injure their teeth and move their teeth without having the effect of cleaning their teeth.
In addition, you can use an interstitial brush. Or, if you have braces, you should buy a set of brushes and cleaning tools specifically for braces people.
No matter what brush is used, the product should have a clear origin, soft bristles (don’t choose a complex type because it will damage enamel, scratch gums), a small brush head size, and be easy to move. Clean teeth and effectively remove plaque on teeth.
Clean the brush after each, put it in a cool place, and do not share it with other meetings that quickly spread bacteria.
It would help if you changed your toothbrush once every three months or after you get sick or wake up because the bristles accumulate many harmful bacteria in your teeth.

2. Toothpaste
That dental care tool will help you get more effective when taking care of your teeth if choose a toothpaste containing Fluoride to strengthen your enamel. You can also use specialized toothpaste prescribed by your doctor when treating gum diseases, bleeding gums, and sensitive teeth. …
Especially note that adult toothpaste should not be shared with children, but need to buy two tubes of toothpaste, one for adults and one for children, according to the correct age. If children are not old enough to share it, it will have the opposite effect, making their teeth yellow and weak enamel.

dental care tools

3. Dental floss
There are two types of floss in a box and the form of dental floss, each of which can provide excellent oral care protection. Which type to choose depends on the preferences and habits of each person. Should choose the only type of clear origin, when used should not use too strong force will hurt teeth and gums.
Another point to note is that you should not save floss (using one piece only for all teeth) will not clean teeth and cause bacteria from one tooth to spread to other teeth faster.

4. Mouthwash
There are a few types of mouthwash with different ingredients to help strengthen teeth, reduce tooth decay, and prevent gingivitis and bleeding gums quite effectively.
Each mouthwash has a different use; you need to follow the instructions, do not dilute, and do not hold the mouthwash too quickly or for too long. Choose to buy mouthwash for adults and children according to age.
You can replace mouthwash with physiological saline or homemade salt water, especially when you have gum problems. It would help if you did not use mouthwash because it will hurt your gums.
The above are essential dental care tool at home, some products such as gum or herbal mouth spray can help you have fresh breath, but you should be careful because they work. Temporary and cannot replace dental hygiene tools should not be abused.

5. Water Flosser

The water flosser is a dental care tool that helps clean teeth with water. Water toothpick uses the water force of the spray heads. It shoots out a small jet of water for you to adjust this water jet between teeth and gums to remove all food residues and plaque in between teeth, gums, and oral cavity, helping to prevent the formation of tartar and bacteria that cause tooth decay. The spray is very gentle, so there’s little chance of bleeding gums.

The water jet from the water flosser is very gentle, so it can improve gum health without causing irritation, damage, bleeding gums, and thinning teeth like using a toothpick.
If you have a dry mouth: Saliva helps you digest food and limits the activity of bacteria in the mouth. When the salivary glands do not produce enough saliva, the mouth will become dry and prone to conditions such as sores, plaque, fungal infections… They are caused by dry mouth. The dental care tool helps to add moisture to the mouth and remove plaque-shaped plaque.
Water flossing creates small jets of water that can be robust enough to blow away the plaque at the enamel and no longer extend any harm like traditional methods.
Water flossing will help remove plaque and bacteria hidden under the gum line that causes bad breath and bring a feeling of freshness. It’s one of the essential dental care tools and brings good results.

dental care tools

Notes when taking care of teeth

According to research, at-home oral hygiene can only clean 60-70% of bacteria, and they can still form plaque and tartar that causes gingivitis, tooth decay, and tooth decay. discolored, yellowed teeth…So you must periodically check and clean your teeth at the dentist. The doctors will use specialized tools to clean stubborn plaque and tartar, the leading cause of tooth decay and gingivitis.
Besides, the doctor can check, detect and treat early oral diseases you are having.

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