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What causes your teeth to stain and how to remove stained teeth

stained teeth

Everyone wishes to own bright, healthy, regular teeth to be more confident in communication and ensure oral health. However, with daily eating and drinking activities, teeth can become stained due to many factors that significantly affect aesthetics. So what causes stained teeth, and can it be removed?

Causes of stained teeth?

Each person has a different tooth color related to genetics, nutrition, environment, etc. But most teeth are white and bright, and teeth are not stained with dirt or tartar in all positions of the wisdom of teeth. Daily activities of eating and drooling are the causes stained teeth, specifically:

Teeth are yellow due to stains on the outside of the teeth
The reasons for stained teeth; the stains can be food and drinks that stick to the enamel surface. Especially the tar and nicotine in cigarettes, colored beverages such as coffee, strong tea, etc., often cause yellow stains on the tooth surface.
That is why people who smoke a lot or drink coffee and tea do not have the same bright white teeth as usual. Colorants found in other foods such as coca, yellow wine, sauces, dyes, etc., can also stick to the teeth. If not cleaned daily, they will last a long time on the teeth along with dirt and tartar.

Poor oral hygiene
Most people have stained teeth due to poor oral hygiene and care habits. The pigments that adhere to the teeth can be removed most of the time with daily brushing and rinsing, as well as regular oral hygiene at the dental clinic.
The habit of being lazy to brush your teeth or eating sweets or colored drinks before going to bed will cause the color plaque in stained teeth.

Stains in teeth
Few people know that yellow or discolored teeth can be caused by stains appearing inside the teeth, which are common in young children who are treated with doxycycline or tetracycline when their teeth are developing. Pregnant women treated with this medicine during pregnancy or lactation are also prone to giving birth to a discolored baby, even though the baby has only started teething after birth.
Compared with stains outside the teeth, removing stained teeth is very difficult and can only be overcome to help limit the development of more shame in the teeth, keeping the color of the teeth brighter.

Problems with tooth enamel
People with acute trauma that cause enamel cracking, exposing dentin or grinding their teeth, and using a lot of fluorides all affect tooth enamel. The color of the teeth in these people is often not bright white but yellow, with faint white streaks or unusual brown spots on the teeth.

Other causes
Many cases of stained teeth have no identifiable cause, and identified risk factors include genetic factors, disease, age, and trauma,…

Movement is a factor that significantly affects tooth color; some people have natural white, thick, and healthy enamel. Even if they use a lot of colored foods or the habit of smoking, drinking tea and coffee, it does not affect the color of their teeth much. Therefore, the tooth color also maintains better whiteness.

In contrast, some people are born with stained teeth compared to others, and thin enamel makes teeth’ color easier to change due to external factors. In these people, good oral hygiene and teeth whitening treatments may improve tooth color to some extent.

stained teeth

 A simple way to fix stained teeth at home

If the cause stained teeth is caused by colored foods, drinks, or poor oral hygiene that causes plaque on the teeth, it can be treated at home with simple measures such as:

Use coconut oil
Many people have stained teeth due to poor oral care and eating. Use pure coconut oil for 10-30 minutes, then clean it with toothpaste. Applying this method has an excellent effect on improving tooth color; plaque on teeth is also better removed.

Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.
These two ingredients need to be mixed into a paste, then use a toothbrush as usual. This mixture will operate together with toothpaste to better remove stained teeth. Organic dyes that cannot be removed by physical action will also be cleaned. Therefore, this way helps people with yellow teeth due to exogenous factors and can improve the situation efficiently.

Use apple cider vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar is used by many people as a natural ingredient to whiten teeth safely and effectively. Mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with about 175 ml of water into a mixture to gargle and suck before brushing your teeth.

Use lemon and orange peels.
Lemon peels and oranges contain a lot of natural acids used to rub on the surface of the teeth daily will have a better effect on removing stained teeth. After scrubbing, you still need to brush your teeth with toothpaste to clean again.

stained teeth

How to take care of your teeth to prevent stained teeth?

Maintaining a daily oral care routine after eating and before bed is essential. Besides brushing your teeth, you can use more floss to remove leftover food between your teeth, rinse your mouth to clean the oral cavity, and better remove pigments from your teeth.

With severe, congenitally stained teeth that do not improve satisfactorily with the above home care measures, you can go to the dentist to use a teeth whitening gel and, at the same time, clean your teeth more thoroughly with the help of your dentist. Machinery support keeps your teeth white and maintains good habits such as not smoking and limiting tea, alcohol, coffee, and colored drinks.

Drinking plenty of water to remove bacteria accumulated in the oral cavity and pigments clinging to the teeth is also a measure to limit stained teeth. Additionally, it is recommended to visit the dentist every six months to get tartar and detect and treat oral diseases.

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