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What is a Dental Implant?

a Dental Implant

A dental Implant is a method of restoring teeth that have been lost due to accidents, tooth decay, or any other cause. This treatment method will help users ensure chewing function and aesthetics for a long time. For more details on this dental technique, please read more information in the article below.

What is Dental Implant?

Dental Implant is a method to help restore teeth that have become very popular in recent years. Implant teeth can replace one or more teeth, even the whole jaw, if the patient’s health is good enough.

The use of implanted artificial roots to replace lost teeth, the method will help limit jaw bone loss. At the same time, this method is aesthetic for the patient and helps to ensure good chewing function.

Currently, there are many different methods of implantation, such as: Making removable dentures and porcelain bridges,… However, both of these methods lead to bone loss. Therefore, Implant is a method of planting teeth with high aesthetics, does not cause bone loss, and contributes to ensuring perfect chewing function.

a Dental Implant

It is known that the structure of an Implant tooth will include two main parts, namely:

  • Implant post: This is the part located in the jawbone and, at the same time, is the artificial tooth root made from highly biocompatible Titanium. It will be placed into the jawbone in the position of the missing teeth and have the same function as natural teeth.
  • Abutment joint and denture crown: This is the part outside the jawbone, in which the Abutment joint is the joint between the Implant post and the upper denture crown. The dentures are usually made of porcelain teeth. They are fixed on top to function like natural teeth.

In which cases should and should not use Implant?

Sharing to the doctor of the Institute of Dental Technology Research and Application – Vidental, although it is the optimal restoration method, not everyone can perform implant placement. It depends a lot on the oral condition of each person.

The case should be transplanted

The patients that should be implanted include:

  • Implants can restore subjects who have lost one, many, or all of their teeth. This technique does not require the patient to grind adjacent teeth like the method of making porcelain bridges. Besides, they also effectively prevent bone loss.
  • In case of tooth decay or severely damaged teeth, loose teeth cannot be restored by other methods. In this situation, you must extract teeth and implant implants to preserve better bone tissue.
  • People who have lost teeth must wear removable dentures for a long time, but it feels inconvenient to change to using Implant to eat more fixed, more firmly.

The case should not

The treatment with the implantation method requires the patient’s cooperation as directed by the doctor. In addition to cases where Implant should be implanted, some subjects should not perform this method, for example:

  • For those under 18 years old, at this time, the jawbone condition is still developing; the intervention with the implant method will harm the structure of the teeth later.
  • To perform Implant, the doctor must declare that the performer uses drugs that may adversely affect the fetus. Therefore, it is safe to wait until the fetus is six months old to ensure it is safe if you are pregnant and want to perform this method.
  • Patients with severe jaw bone deformities that are restored will not be able to perform implant surgery.
  • In case of mental disorders not able to control their behavior, it is not possible to perform dental implant surgery.
  • Patients with chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure… Subjects with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, hypopituitarism, or Paget’s disease… need to discuss with their doctor for specific advice.
  • Patients with heavy alcohol abuse will make the Implant unable to integrate, so the failure rate of the surgery is very high.

How long does it take to place an Implant?

Usually, Implant implant time will take about 10-15 minutes or so. After that, the patient needs 1-3 months for the Implant to be compatible with the jawbone. Next, the patient will be scheduled to return to the clinic to complete the porcelain tooth implant. The process of implanting teeth and the time it takes to perform will fall into two cases as follows:

  • For patients who have just lost teeth and are qualified in terms of quantity and quality of jaw bone, the time from placing the Implant to the time of restoring porcelain teeth takes 4-6 weeks.
  • For patients who have lost teeth for a long time and have lost a lot of jaw bone, atrophied gums, and are not qualified for the quality and quantity of the Implant, it is necessary to perform a gum graft, bone graft, or sinus lift first. Therefore, the time of implant placement will be longer than in other typical cases.a Dental Implant

Are Implants Painful?

To carry out implant placement, doctors must implant the Implant post directly into the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth root. The time to perform this technique will take about 10-15 minutes for one Implant. So, is implantation painful?

Before performing the surgery, the doctors will numb the area around the implant position and the outside of the cheek. Therefore, during the treatment, the patient does not feel any pain. The doctor will calculate the dose and duration of anesthesia in each specific case.

However, after the anesthetic wears off, you will feel severe pain. However, you should not be too worried because doctors have prescribed pain relievers and some other drugs to make you feel more comfortable after the procedure.

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